LiteCloud Software as a Service (SaaS)
LiteCloud's Software as a Service solutions deliver affordable enterprise-class business applications that are easy to deploy and use. From Email to Collaboration platforms, LiteClouds's robust Cloud services platform enables customers to customize their apps to meet their unique business requirements with no licensing, setup, or support costs, LiteCloud also delivers extra layers of security that enable companies to exceed regulatory mandates. LiteCloud offers both leading open source and best-in-class commercial applications like hosted Microsoft Exchange and hosted Microsoft SharePoint. Just another way that we are assiting our customers gain enterprise-class services at a minimal cost.
Hosted E-mail Services
Email is absolutely critical to your business.  Our Hosted Email Solution delivers the best in Microsoft Exchange without the hardware requirements and management overhead.

Exchange can give your company many powerful tools. Putting them into action can vastly improve worker productivity and foster better collaboration between coworkers. However, without proper set up, you can run into some serious problems. These issues will cost your company thousands of dollars or more in wasted productivity and IT support.

Even if your Exchange server is managed proactively internally or by an IT firm, hardware, licensing, power, space, cooling, and monthly management are all expenses required just to keep the server at your location. 

Hosting it with LiteCloud eliminates all of that overhead, saving you money and reducing the risk of downtime.
Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an enterprise-class open source email, calendar and collaboration server. With the most innovative web application available today, Zimbra boosts the productivity of users on any desktop and dramatically reduces TCO compared to legacy platform vendors.

Other key advantages include advanced compatibility with existing desktop email clients, over-the-air sync to smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) as well as better server scalability and more efficient administration.

Zimbra is the leading open source solution for enterprise, service provider, education, and government environments; offering end-users unmatched benefits.

Ajax based web collaboration is at the heart of ZCS. The powerful web client can integrate email, contacts, shared calendar, VoIP, and online document authoring into a rich browser-based interface.
With LiteCloud Mail powered by cPanel you can manage your email accounts all from one place. You can easily create email addresses, set-up email forwarding and more. Choose between using a IMAP client such as MS Outlook or choose from one of our 3 Web-Mail Clients: SquirrelMail, Horde or RoundCube – they work just like Gmail!

SPAM Protection
From the control panel you can customize your SPAM Assassin settings to help keep unwanted junk email out of your inbox.

Auto Responders and Forwarding
Away from the office? On vacation? Don't worry! cPanel allows you to create custom auto responders quickly and easily. You can also forward all emails sent to an email address to another address. For example, you can have, and all forward to, this way you only have to check a single email account.

Access your email from any Internet browser anywhere in the world with WebMail Access! If you can get online, you can read your email. You can also set up mobile devices like BlackBerry™, iPhone™ and Palm™ to work with your email account!
Hosted Collaboration Tools
Hosted Microsoft SharePoint gives you the business benefits of a web-based collaboration tool combined with the availability and security of an enterprise solution. Increase Efficiency and Stay Connected: Give your team an online space to stay connected across organizational and geographic boundaries and collaborate easily and effectively from anywhere and at any time.

Manage Content from One Location: Add content to task lists, document libraries, event calendars, discussion boards and more from one central location. Easily share, manage, and edit this data and assign specific read/write privileges per individual.

Make Collaboration a Breeze: Allow multiple contributors to update the same file and easily keep track of all the changes in one document, or revert back to previous versions if needed.

Improve Internal Communication: Automate your current business processes with SharePoint’s powerful workflow functionality. Alerts ensure that your employees stay on top of every aspect of their day-to-day tasks and processes.

Work seamlessly and efficiently: Take advantage of  the Microsoft technology you use every day.  Save and edit Microsoft Word documents in a SharePoint library, email Outlook messages to SharePoint to be accessible to everyone, and more.