The "LiteCloud"

LiteCloud's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers customers of all sizes an enterprise-class solution at a fraction of the cost.  Customers have the ability to leverage our best-in-class compute and storage solutions powered by vendors such as HP, NetApp, Cisco, and VMware.  LiteCloud's certified engineering staff has implemented a highly-available computing architecture strategically virtualized and secured for single or multi-tenant operations.  Key Benefits include:
HP Proliant Blade Servers
  • Intel Xeon Processors
  • High-speed DDR3 Memory
  • Redundant Solid State Boot Drives
  • Redundant 10Gbps Network Connections
  • N+1 Redundant Power supplies on A & B 30A Feeds
  • N+1 Redundant Cooling Fans
  • Fully Managed and Monitored

NetApp Storage Area Network

  • FAS Series Filers
  • High-Availability Deployment
  • Multi-Petabyte capacity
  • Tiered Storage options – Near-line, SAS (10K/15K), SSD (Flash)
  • 10Gbps Ethernet Storage on Dedicated Storage Network
  • Snapshots
  • Secure Multi-tenancy

Secure Cloud-Services Network

  • Cisco Catalyst and Nexus Switching Platforms
  • High-Availability Network Design
  • Non-blocking 10Gbps Network Backbone
  • Dedicated 10Gbps SAN Network
  • Each Customer on a Dedicated VLAN 
  • Firewall and VPN Security
  • Direct access to Metro and Wide Area Networks
    VMware "Virtualized" Cloud Services
    Best-In-Class Multi-tenant Virtualization Platform Designed to meet your Cloud Services Needs
    The vCloud Powered LiteCloud Service is a public cloud that allows you the flexibility to deploy secure cloud instances without the hassle of maintaining physical servers and network infrastructure. The result is a scalable enterprise environment that responds rapidly to fast-changing business requirements. Our vCloud powered IaaS service offers our premium-grade cloud infrastructure, High-Availability virtualization platforms, online management with vCloud Director, 24/7 support, advanced firewalls, load balancing and much more!
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    Why VMware Powered

    VMware virtualization solutions offer you many advantages. They are built on VMware vSphere, the world's most proven, robust, and reliable virtualization platform—the choice of more than 500,000 customers, including 100% of the Fortune 100.

    Low cost of entry

    Get full value from your IT investments, augmented with vCloud infrastructure when you need it. Add capacity without complexity and cost, so you can invest where it matters:
    • Eliminate the costs to purchase, operate, and maintain new hardware
    • Move workloads on demand between your on-premise environment and the cloud
    • Manage capacity, business continuity, and data recovery without adding new staff
    Business agility

    Don't let hardware-bound processes hold you back. LiteCloud has the capacity you need for short-term or seasonal requirements, rising demand, or new business initiatives:
    • Create test platforms in just minutes, and decommission them when you're done, to cut delay, waste, and risk
    • Add new capacity quickly—configured the way you want it, with no worries about compatibility
    • Scale up or down using on-demand capacity to meet urgent business demands

    Security and control

    LiteCloud leverages VMware vCloud services to offer professionally managed, no-compromise protection, regulatory compliance, and quality of service. Do more with less—and stay in control:

    • Outsource time-consuming management to stay in compliance without tying down your staff
    • Safeguard applications and data with cloud-based business continuity, security, and data protection
    • High-Availability configurations to recover from server hardware failure in seconds.
    • Automate backup and disaster recovery off-site for business protection you can count on
    The LiteCloud Advantage

    Your business depends on reliable, secure, responsive IT services, but implementing them on your own hardware infrastructure adds expense, delay, and risk. Don’t let IT cost and complexity hold your business back. Turn to LiteCloud for scalable VMware vCloud services that solve the real-world problems your business faces every day—without adding expensive hardware, rewriting business applications, or sacrificing security and control. Simplify IT infrastructure and operations, get more value for your time and money, and accelerate application deployment, so you can respond to new or variable customer demand, capture new opportunities, and innovate at the speed of today’s business.
    LiteCloud's Virtual Private Cloud Service

    The Virtual Private Cloud gives customers compute power delivered through dedicated resource pools within LiteCloud’s secure multi-tenant infrastructure.  Computing resources, including vCPU and vRAM, are provisioned and presented based on customer needs.  Compute and storage can rapidly be adjusted to meet the performance, availability, and growth requirements of your business.  Virtual and physical server resources can be leveraged together on the same network to create a hybrid, end-to-end solution tailored for each unique business need.
    Key Benefits
    • ESX 5.X Enterprise Plus
    • High-Availability Clusters (VMware HA and DRS)
    • Ability to upload or clone your own VMs
    • Ability to convert Physical Servers to Virtual Servers (P2V)
    • vCloud Connector to allows customer to merge internal and hosted virtual Data Centers
    • VMware vSheild for secure access to Multi-tenant environment (Firewall, IPsec VPN, Load Balancer)
    • Virtual Private Cloud – Dedicated VLANs, any IP subnets, L2 connectivity to your Internal Data Center
    • Several Operating Systems to choose from to include: Windows (2008R2, 2012), Linux, Solaris, and Many more